Monday, 6 January 2014

Thanks Santa!!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year, now that the fun part is over it's time for putting away the decorations and finding space for all your lovely goodies!

I was quite lucky this year and below is my 'stash' minus the chocolates, they are long gone! 

This is my goodies from my partner.

Owl slipper boots, they are cute and have a pink fluffy inside.  I also got some angora wool blend socks, they are from primark.  They again have a cute owl pattern but I won't use them as I am not comfortable with angora and the way it's obtained.

Some royal jelly bubble bath, I must admit, my initial reaction was that I'm not 70 and this is for old ladies but it's ok, it doesn't have a particularly strong scent and it creates decent enough bubbles. One major plus for living in the north east of Scotland is that we have soft water which means we get a good lather going on.  When I was at my partners mums in Kent, I thought I had forgotten how to wash my hair, there was nothing!! The book is a recipe book full of chocolatey goodness, not ideal for the New Year diet!

The Opi (I picked up this one in Sally's and told him it was from him!) is 'Black Cherry Chutney', it is a very dark, vampy colour but it has a shimmer in it that just catches the light beautifully.

This is my favourite and this was the result of an email being sent to him telling him 'I want this one please!'.  The parfum is Botannical Essence No15 by Liz Earle and I love it.  I spritzed this many moons ago in John Lewis and have longed for it ever since! At the time of the email, there was a special offer on if you bought a botanical essence, you got the nail polish and lip gloss free, absolute bonus! It also came with a mini cleanse and polish.

The rest I got from my mum and step-dad, brother and my auntie, bless their socks, we weren't supposed to be doing gifts this year (although I did get my mum and step-dad a wee pressie each).  My partner and I were cooking dinner for everyone though, I think there ended being twelve of us! 

So alongside the super cosy dressing gown, with a hood, the obligatory socks and pitch perfect dvd (it has a uv code too so it has now found a place in my ipad!). I got Lady Millions perfume, totally unexpected, I have had a quick sniff and it seems lovely but nothing can drag me away from the Liz Earle at the moment.

This opi was part of a set I bought at TK Maxx and said to my mum to get my brother to give it to me but she ended up giving it to me - monkey! It's called 'Current Crush' and it is a lovely purple with silver sparkles through it, it is a liquid sand and is one of several new liquid sands I have added to my collection recently! Oopsy! 

A nice bracelet to add to my collection, apparently it is pearl and supposed to promote calmness and relaxation - not sure if mum is trying to tell me something?!? One of my aims this year is to accessorise more and so this is perfect!  

It's not christmas anymore without a soap and glory gift set! I love soap and glory products so this is most welcome and will most definitely get used!

And last up was this Glade 'Winter Berries' candle.  It's a lovely little candle and initially I thought the scent would carry well but once lit, I couldn't really smell it unless I was at a certain distance and angle.

Just wait til you see what I bought myself for Christmas though, I have probably made it on to the 'naughty list' for next Christmas already!

Did you have a good Christmas and new year?

Was 'Santa' good to you?