Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sista's are doin' it for themselves!

In my quest for organisation last week, I was trying to figure out how to fix my saggy drawers *oh er!* there were lots of tips and tricks I could have employed that would have included glue and clamps and strips of wood and then I just decided to make things easier for myself...

Big drawers under the bed are the worst for sagging in the middle and then all your stuff gets caught in the back and then you can't get the drawer out, so annoying when space is at a premium! 

I took the bottom of the drawer out, measured the space allowing for the grooves and then the good part...

I took the measurements to my local B & Q, picked up some hardboard and got the lovely guy at the cutting bit to cut them to size.  You get three cuts free so it was great.

And voila, one fixed and functioning drawer! No waiting around for glue to dry, or partners to try and fix it, jobs a good 'un! 

Oh, and it only cost about £6 for the whole big bit of board which I then used to replace both of my drawers.

Do you do DIY bits around your home?