Sunday, 9 February 2014

Weekend Mani #21

This weekends Mani is pretty much the opening of a whole new portal into my polish collection.  I purchased my first ever Indie polishes.  Indie's are made by independent polish makers who create and sell their wares and they are becoming big news in the nail world.  Things like glitter toppers, thermals and holo polishes are being thought up by these creative souls and being sold on places like, although a fair few indie brands now have proper websites and are run as proper businesses.  The polishes I bought were from Dollish Polish and they are all glitter bombs! 

The one I used this weekend is the full sized polish in the middle called 'Care Bear Stare'.  This is the one that prompted this purchase as I had previously vowed to stay away from indie's for the sake of my bank account.  However, I had been lusting after this one for a while and then saw that it was part of Dolly's restock and knew it would be mine! 

Once again, please excuse the cuticles and lack of clean up, I actually painted my nails at 1am on saturday morning as I was so keen to get this on my tips! Not sure how well you can see it, but the polish has little stars and butterflies in it, there is a butterfly on my ring finger.  Typical glitter + iPhone pic = hard to capture.  this combo is like a princesses dream.   

The base polish I used was part of my Mavala Delicious Collection, which is pretty much my favourtie selection of pastels ever.  It doesn't seem like you can buy the whole collection together anymore but you can buy trios and individuals.  I like Mavala polishes as they are small but not too small bottles.  Ideal for someone like my mum, who doesn't paint her nails too often but likes a pretty polish now and again.

Words fail me at describing this polish.  After using two coats of my Mavala base colour, I applied two coats of this baby.  The first coat, I swiped on as usual and the second coat I went fishing for the bigger particles and dabbed them on my nails.  That is one obstacle when applying such glittertastic polishes, you will have to go fishing for the big bits.
This has small circles, big circles, squares, big hexes, stars and butterflies in gorgeous pastel hues of purple, pink, aqua and silver all in a clear base with some iridescent glitter in it just incase the rest wasn't enough.  

Nev loves nail polish! And nail files and bags and shoes.  He was being a 'right sook' or suck up here as the square bottle was just right for rubbing his face against! 
Few tips for applying glitters like these would be to turn the bottle upside down for a good 10 minutes before application and use a cocktail stick if you want to strategically place any particular pieces, such as the stars or butterflies contained within this one. 

Love my new indies although I don't plan to purchase anymore just yet, I still have to have a good play with these three and explore some colour combos, prepare yourself! These were shipped from the states and did arrive pretty quickly after dispatch but one thing to always be mindful of is if you order from the states, customs may destroy a package containing polishes.

Do you own any Indie polishes?