Monday, 10 February 2014

Protein packed parcels!

I have started trying to eat better and exercise more and so last Saturday, after my early morning step aerobics class, I rustled up some well deserved (I think!)  protein parcels, which were surprisingly filling!

And they look kinda pretty too.

I used three eggs, two would have been enough though, unless you were only using the whites.  Some turkey rashers, tomatoes, spinach and sweet pointed pepper, note I don't actually like pepper but I'm trying . You could add any veg that you want here such as mushrooms etc but I have to admit I'm more of a fruit person, so this does me fine.

Spray oils are a great tool in the kitchen, I use this one cal 'Fry Light' spray to quickly and easily coat my muffin tray.  You could also just line the muffin tray with paper or silicone cases if you don't have spray or  were going for the veggie option and wanted to miss out the next step.  Doing them in cases also makes them a bit more portable too.

I then line the muffin tray with the turkey rashers, I think I used three here and there was a wee bit of a tetris element involved in fitting them all in properly.

I then mixed together the eggs and veg.

And then poured the mixture into the turkey rasher lined tray.  Easy peasy.  I had way too much and really should have made four but I couldn't be bothered trying to fiddle around with the turkey rashers again, I was hungry!!

Don't fill them quite as much as I did as you will see in the next picture that they do puff up a tad! 

While I was doing this, I heated my fan oven up to about 180 degrees.  If using a normal i.e. non fan oven, try about 200 degrees (Celsius). 

I think in the end, I baked mine for about 22 minutes, I had a look at them around 18 minutes and they were still a wee bit wobbly in the middle. 

Loosen them off with a knife, being careful of the hot tin!

And here we are, great little breakfast/brunch/post workout snacks.  Using MyFitnesspal on my phone, I calcualted that all three of these came to approximately 225 calories.  Not bad considering a 30g serving of Special K and 100ml of semi skimmed milk is about 165 calories and doesn't contain one of your five a day.

These can be made in advance and stored in a container in your fridge for about 4 days or so, so great for a power breakfast on the go.      

Do you have a favourite post workout food?