Sunday, 23 February 2014

A healthy, filling veggie supper

This is a one picture post chums!! Scandalous I know but I was so hungry I forgot to take any pics!

I think this is one of my favourite 'feel good' evening meals, you know when you've had a bit of exercise in the morning and you spend the rest of the day feeling that little bit more positive? 

This is quite simple, Quorn burgers with sweet potato wedge/chip things and some salad (cheese is optional).

I love sweet potato wedges and they are so easy to make.  

*Get a sweet potato, give it a good scrub and a wash under a running tap.
*Chop it up into chips or wedges (whichever you can master, the sweet potato is an oddly shaped fellow!).  
*Now, toss the chips/wedges around in some oil, can be olive, sunflower or whichever you have to hand, some salt and pepper and any other spices you may fancy, I always end up with smoked paprika.
*Once each individual chip is lightly coated, arrange them on an oven tray, try not to let them touch each other.
*Heat your oven up to about 200C  and when ready, pop your tray of chips in for about 20 minutes or so.  I like to turn mine halfway through. 

I buy my Quorn products (such as mince for my chilli, see here) from farmfoods as they are usually less expensive.  I much prefer the Quorn burgers to normal burger as I'm not that big a fan of eating meat. 

This was so yummy and so filling and didn't have half the guilt a run-of-the-mill burger and fries would give you, can you say winning?!

Have you tried Quorn Burgers before?