Saturday, 22 February 2014

Nspa Thai Spa Rituals Scented Candle - A Review

At New Year here in Aberdeen, we indulge in a tradition known as 'First Footing'.  Usually it would be something like a bottle of booze or a box of chocolates but this year my mum gave me this candle instead as she knows I'm not much of a drinker and chocolate was on the naughty list... yeah, was...

The brand is 'nspa' and is sold at Asda.    

The candle is part of the Thai Spa Rituals range and is a Frangipani and Coconut scented affair, with essential oil of jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, sweet orange blossom and amber woods.

Very pretty box and the candle was well wrapped in tissue paper.  The candle holder itself is a nice white, frosted glass container.  It is not particularly cumbersome at 180g but should give around 30 hours burn time (I always find these estimates optimistic). 

Truthfully, of all the scents listed above I could smell none! I'm a big fan of anything coconut so was really looking forward to it but I couldn't even detect a hint of it.

It's a pretty offering and if you are looking for something cheap that lights up, it serves that function very well although I did notice that straight away there was a pretty impressive 'well' round the wick and that didn't disappear after a few hours burning.  If it is strong scent throw that you are looking for, I wouldn't recommend this.

All in all, a pretty and inexpensive gift for yourself or someone else to light whilst in the bath but it won't have you lying there thinking of tropical beaches and men in trunks serving you pina coladas... sigh

Do you like candles?

What your favourite scent?