Sunday, 16 March 2014

Weekend Mani #24

Woah! That weekend passed mighty quickly, I hope you had a good one!

Following on from last weeks poundland bargains, I have another £1 polish on the blog for this weekend.

Meet Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in 'Bubble Plum'

So first off, the colour, although the name 'Bubble Plum' doesn't quite roll off the tongue, it describes this colour perfectly.  A gorgeous mix between bubblegum pink and a plummy purple, it has a not quite neon 'glow' about it.  I'm in love with this colour.

This is Sally Hansen's foray into textured polishes and there is actually a large shade range of these and they vary between one colour matte shades to others with glitter and sparkle and all sorts.  I now have six in my collection, two of which have that extra sparkle dimension.   

These are really textured, almost  too grainy like for my tastes but that may also be because there is just one dimension i.e. just one colour, to this polish.  a bit of sparkle and this could be quite similar to 'My Current Crush' by O.P.I , see here.

The bottle says to apply two thin coats and I readily agree with that, I don't think you would get away with just one as it is quite a thin polish and also has quite a thin brush.  It dries relatively quickly and has lasted 36 hours with only minimal tipwear.  This is designed to be worn without a topcoat, which I particularly love as I do love me a bit of matte.  This isn't completely matte however, it does have a bit of shine and without a layer of topcoat, it is much easier to remove - bonus!!

For £1 at poundland, I would definitely recommend this if you are a fan of textured polishes.  The colour is lovely, it is very textured and dries quickly.