Monday, 10 March 2014

Weekend Mani #23

Although I am currently in the midst of some redecoration and have been for a few weeks now, hence the lack of posts, I decided that my nails still had to be done!  I may have had no make up on and my hair was in dire need of a wash but still, gotta be a little bit glam right?!

Meet 'Aquamarine' part of Revlon's Chroma Chameleon Collection.

First things first, this cost £1! One whole shiny pound, I urge you to go to poundland stat! I also got a few other Revlon polishes and a Sally Hansen Sugar coat which I will swatch over the next few weeks. 

This colour shifts from a beautiful sea greeny blue to a slight purple, this colour reminds me of 'The Little Mermaid', years and years ago, there was a nail polish and make up brand on the go called 'Spectacular' and I had about 300 of their polishes when I was a teen and my favourite one was called 'Ariel', this is the closest I have ever found to match that.

This is slightly thin, I used three thin coats for full opacity here, although I'm sure two would be fine if you took care to apply it neatly.  Colours like this with the duochrome effect can show up brushstrokes quite easily. 

The bottle is a good size and it's a nice shape for storing.  The brush is thin compared to the OPI Pro-wide that I'm used to but it was pretty standard and fit my tiny pinkies well! 

This has no topcoat on in any of these pictures.  It is very shiny and has an almost shimmery finish.

Such a vibrant colour.  The colour shift isn't too extreme but definitely enough to make it interesting. 

I was showing a bit of tipwear after sanding and doing other housey stuff so for 48 hours without topcoat, this lasted pretty good!

My mum has already hinted that she would quite like this for her upcoming holiday to Tunisia and I have to agree, this would look amazing on tanned tootsies!

I would like to try this over a purple base to try and capture more of the purple in it and would also quite like to add a few more of these to my stash. particularly 'Tanzanite' and 'Pink Quartz

Hope you have had a slightly more glamourous weekend!!