Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Todays post is just a quick one but it may give some of you some nice new storage ideas.  I am a big fan of candles, as I may have posted about once...or twice... anyhoo, nowadays it would seem the packaging is almost as luxurious as the candle itself.  I have found a few handy ways of re-using candle containers once the candles is all gone.

Here's a small selection of my candle jar storage, I love finding ways to reuse things, if something is in good condition, it seems such a shame and a waste to just throw them out.  I have even found storage for my birchboxes and glossyboxes.

Super handy is what I would call the yankee candle large jar!  Great for storing cotton wool, keeps it dust free, cat hair free and also prevents it getting wet! I favour this rather than storing packs of cotton wool in random drawers, I always forget where it is and end up buying more.  This is also great if. like me, you don't have loads of storage space in the form of drawers etc. 

The cuboid(?) on the left with the cotton buds in it was originally a candle from Tkmaxx, they have a great selection of candles especially at this time of year and some of them are in really pretty jars. I was in tonight and the scent selection is so varied! Great for keeping things dust and damp free and also stops 'the boy' from putting his used buds and various other items of debris, back into the container as he is prone to do! Grump!

 The middle jar was a three wick candle from sainsburys that was pretty huge, similar sort of size to a three wick neom candle but about a tenth of the price! Sainsburys candles are actually pretty well in terms of scent throw, their selection isn't huge but they are nice.  The one I had was a coconutty one and you could smell it even when the candle wasn't lit. It is currently home to a rotation of different tealights and votives and I don't have to worry about wax spilling everywhere.

Lastly, this wasn't a candle, this was a toothbrush holder that never got used as a toothbrush holder.  It was from Asda, they also have cute bathroom accessories just now in loads of different colours.  This originally had cotton buds in it but 'the boy' was sick of my make up brushes lying around 'everywhere' (apparently) and I couldn't cope with them in a sealed bag every morning.  This keeps them all together nicely without them being all bunched up and taking out four at a time when I only went in for one.

I have loads of glass jars from the likes of glade and febreeze candles too, they come in so handy.

Do you try and re-use items?

What is your favourite scent from a candle?