Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Old cats are cold cats!

With winter upon us, my little tooter, Honey, is really starting to feel the cold.  It doesn't help that her belly is still quite bald from where she over grooms.

This is a really important time of year not just to keep yourself cosy but also to keep your pussy cats cosy. If your cats are outdoor cats please, please make sure they have a reflective collar, preferably with your number on it and if they go awol, please check in surrounding sheds etc as they will try and find a warm (or less draughty) spot. 

As Honey is now about 14 years old and very little (3.2kgs) it's important that we give her a little help to keep warm (I think it is anyway!) 

So I bought her a hoody... I know, I'm mental! I got this off of amazon but I actually think it is too small for her but at least I know she wasn't totally against wearing it! This is really for dogs more than cats but the selection for cats is minimal.  

I also had a therapeutic heat pad lying around from when I used to get a lot of backache and so this is like her own electric blanket that I put on for a while at night, they have these in Argos for £29.99 which actually sounds like quite a lot but you can get them from eBay and amazon ( you can get waterproof ones!)  I use the scarves that I got from poundland for my Cheshire Cat outfit a few weeks ago.  

As for the boys, they are in the livingroom next to the radiator, or on the sofa, or on our bed... They can sleep anywhere and if they are feeling the cold they often snuggle up together - so cute! 

I'll sleep on the sofa then...



P.s. This has been posted on my ipad and so apologies for lack of links and unformatted pics!