Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I'm an Addict!

Howdy!  So for my first post, I thought it would be good for me to make a confession...

Here it is...

I am addicted to O.P.I nail polish!!

There, I said it, phew!

This is one picture I took of my babies pretties a few months ago

The picture below was taken last Friday but I have since added 6 more beauties to the collection - Yay!

Please bear in mind that this is only O.P.I, I do also have some Nails Inc., Essie, Leighton Denny etc.

Now, the problem with this addiction is that due to where I work, I can only have my nails painted Friday to Sunday - This makes me sad, however, it makes that Friday feeling even better!!

At the moment I prefer purples, blues and turquoise on my nails.  Colours like these really suit my skintone as I am really pale but with rosy undertones.

I hope you like my collection, I am planning on swatching each and every one of them but I really need a better camera than my Iphone!